The plot thickens… as they say.

But before all that, we are given the perspective of William (Jimmi Simpson), a Newcomer (guest) arriving at Westworld for the first time. This provides a different insight compared to the first episode where the focus was on the Hosts (androids) and the Westworld staff. Unlike most Newcomers, William is not interested in the obligatory sex and violence. So why is he at Westworld then? That is the question.


Naturally, the overarching plot regarding the Hosts gaining sentience due to an upgrade glitch (or so we are led to believe) is the key one to develop as Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) passes on to Maeve (Thandie Newton) what her father, Peter, had told her in the previous episode. This saying seems to operate like a virus that grants Maeve sentience & access to previous memories. 


In the meantime, the mysterious man in black (Ed Harris) continues on his quest to get to a new level of the park by kidnapping a condemned criminal Lawrence. Park creator Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) seems to be hiding a secret even as he rejects the new story proposed by Lee Sizemore, Westworld’s narrative director, claiming to have one in the works.


The narrative can get confusing as it’s unclear as to what the motivations of William, Dr. Ford and the Man in Black are. As far as the Hosts are concerned, it’s only a matter of time before they turn on their creators. Thus far, there are enough intriguing reasons to hang around to see all that.

… still there’s more …

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