FREEDOM LOVE FOREVER by Ken Foo. Published by Wayland Smith Projects.

Yes, the same Ken Foo I’ve been recently raving over actually has a graphic novel out on sale now. Contained in its numerous pages lie so many ambitious ideas and concepts that you begin to wonder whether Foo has over-reached himself somewhat. I guess this book features all the short stories that Foo has been writing/drawing for years and years, in anticipation of this moment in time. However, there is nothing here that suggests that Foo is out of his depth as he covers diverse ground and formats to tell his quirky and idiosyncratic tales.

We have “straightforward” comic book narratives (eg. Yell Bloody Murder), text with illustrations (eg. the sad faced passionate-eyed boy) and something in-between (eg Little Mechanic Daniel) peppered throughout Freedom Love Forever. Bubbling under the existentialist story lines is a strong offbeat sense of humour.

My personal favourites are the trilogy of Bird Bird + Pig Pig + Bear Bear, Winter Walker and Midnight Monkey Blues – all of which display the right elements of fine art, off-the-wall writing and tongue-in-cheek humour – that will appeal to all lovers of intelligent and mature story-telling.

Freedom Love Forever is certainly worth picking up and will no doubt provide you with hours of entertainment, bewilderment and laughter.

Ken Foo’s Official Site

Wayland Smith Projects Site

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