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An assertion that David Bowie (nee Jones) has been the biggest influence on new bands and new music of the last four decades, would not draw much objections from rock scholars. But is that enough to fill a voluminous biography of the great man? The simple answer is “yes”, but writer Marc Spitz goes a little more deeper, inserting the impact that Bowie has had on his personal life as well.

So Spitz does a great job in detailing the early struggle Bowie endured to establish himself as a rock star and of course, the “golden years” of Bowie’s career i.e. the 70s. The tale winds down considerably after Bowie’s star somewhat dims, post-Let’s Dance but isn’t that always the case?

Spitz analyses Bowie’s musical works and their weighty influence with the keen eye (and ear) of an astute and accomplished music writer, suitably framing such works with the vagaries of Bowie’s personal life. Meticulously researched and lovingly crafted, this bio is a Bowie fan’s dream.


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