Baybeats Open Stage Final 16

Glad to announce the final selection for Baybeats Open Stage slated for 25th/26th June 2016!

Since there are exactly 8 days till the first day of the Open Stage, we will highlight two participating artists a day till the event.



Suasion is an international quartet with acoustic roots that emerged in the Singapore music scene in 2013.

Michael, Chris, Lyndsey, and Alvin make up Suasion‘s captivating sound; referred to as ‘country-folk inflected melodic pop-rock’.

The quartet has brought its groovy vibe to numerous events and locations, consistently delivering high energy live performances  with their versatile repertoire of originals and unique interpretations of popular hits.

Suasion is always looking for new audiences to share their musical journey of rhythm and harmony.


The Roses

The Roses are a three piece band that would like to consider themselves playing the “Rojak” Rock genre- a blend of a wide array of genres with a local twist to it. The band began performing around Singapore in 2009 when they were just 15. Due to National Service, the band went on a long hiatus from 2012 onwards but are finally back, armed with new songs influenced by an even more diverse range of genres than before. One could posit that they are perhaps more “Rojak” than ever.


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