Rick Springfield

Well well well, what do you know – here’s some old-time rock ’n’ roll from Rick Springfield himself in 2016. The years simply melt away and it feels like 1981 again! It is certainly refreshing to listen to something that might have been made 35 years ago in this day and age.

Kudos to Springfield for not trying to update his sound whatsoever as he sticks to what he does best – melodic pop-rock. And from the moment the one-two punch of the opening rave-up “Light This Party Up” and infectious power popper “Down” hits you right between the eyes, you know you are in for a singalong rocking time.

Considering the sad state of rock these days, even standard-fare 80s classic rock sounds like the edgiest music it was never intended to be.

Tried and tested, if you know what I mean. Little bit of country, little bit of folk, a generous amount of pop and wads of rock ’n’ roll make this comeback album essential listening for true blue pop fans!

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