Only one contender for PoP Album of the Year. JPNSGRLS epitomizes the best hope for the continuing history of Rock ‘n’ Roll even as the tsunami of prefabricated pop threatens to wipe our beloved music off the face of the earth. Nothing remotely hipster-ish about Circulation and thank GOD for that! Find out why below!!

The best of the rest – 20 favourites from 2014. In alphabetical order. Listen! Enjoy!!

Amnesiac – Amanda Tee

Antiphobic – DEON

Colours of Joy – lightcraft

Commonwealth – Sloan

EP – Gentle Bones

Everything Will Be Alright In the End – Weezer

LOSE – Cymbals Eat Guitars

MESS – Liars

Morning Phase – Beck

Night Full of Sharp Edges EP – Bittersweet Machines

No Such Thing As Ghosts – Leslie Low

Oscilla – The Observatory

Outside – Xander Smith

Sleeping Operator – The Barr Brothers

Stockholm – Chrissie Hynde

The Ceaseless Sight – Rich Robinson

The New Testament – Christopher Owens

The Violet Hour – MONSTER CAT

Weird Peace – The Disappointed

Welcome the Ironists – Caracal

… still there’s more … 

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