THE INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS TWO by Jeffrey Brown (Top Shelf Productions)

What do you get if you Simpson-ize the Transformers?

You get the Incredible Change-Bots! The Awesomebots and The Fantasticons are back in this second volume. In the first book both factions had left their war-ravaged planet of Electronocybercircuitron and ended up continuing their war on Earth.

Is it a parody? Well, sort of. It definitely feels like a homage and the bright colorful art complements some sharp and funny writing from Jeffrey Brown. Heck, even the sound effects are funny!

The style of humor is current, yet its child-like, retro art presentation will certainly win over anyone who’s grown up watching the Transformers cartoons from the ‘80s. Although the premise of a parody sounds absolutely predictable, it’s not! Some of the jokes had me laughing out loud precisely because of the seemingly naive context of the situation and the completely innocent dialogue.

Transformer fans will no doubt have a fun day trying to match the Change-Bots to their original counterparts, I know I did!

(Kenneth Chaw)

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