After the success of last year’s Sgt Pepper remix reissue, this 50th anniversary edition of my favourite Beatles album was the one to look out for!

The Super Deluxe edition certainly lives up to its billing and presents the best version of The Beatles “White Album” for diehard fans.

Apart from the awesome 2018 remixes – which really bring the listener into the studio with the band – there are also amazing behind the scenes glimpses of The Beatles’ developing the songs together – from the acoustic Esher demos to studio outtakes.

The oft bootlegged Esher demos also include songs recorded later including John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” (“Child of Nature”), Paul McCartney’s “Junk” and George Harrison’s “Sour Milk Sea”.

What is particularly noticeable about the studio outtakes is that contrary to the common belief that The Beatles were on the verge of breaking up during the recordings, there is good spirit amongst them in these recordings. Very good to hear!

Enough reading, listen now.

Looking forward to the Abbey Road remix in 2019!

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