Regular PoP visitors will know my stand on S-ROCK. We have great bands here which need to throw off the shackles of perceived inferiority borne out of years of social engineering. And amongst the bands who will lead us to the promised land will be In Each Hand A Cutlass.

The Esplanade Recital Studio has hosted some of my all-time favorite concerts – for instance, Fire Fight, Villagers, Great Spy Experiment, Patrick Watson, Jack and Rai, Lloyd Cole, Typewriter, Owen Pallett. IEHAC added its name to this hallowed list with a blistering set that reinforced my belief that S-ROCK bands can make a difference in the cultural landscape in Singapore and beyond.

From the pirate-themed props to the space opera-stylised uniforms, it was clear that even before a note had been played, IEHAC wanted to make an impression for The Amaranthine Voyage, the launch of A Universe Made of Strings, its debut album. Which only meant that when the band finally appeared on stage, fireworks could be expected. And we were not disappointed.

I have seen IEHAC in action a few times already – at Home Club, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre and Zouk – but it still thrills me every time I see Daniel launch into his guitar moves, whilst Amanda, Roland, Jordan & newcomer Nelson, provide exemplary support. The sound and fury of IEHAC’s songs (from debut album, A Universe Made of Strings) are marked by sophistication and intelligence as myriad influences and inspirations coalesce and collide to form wholly different beast!

I could easily pick out dozens of diverse references – John Barry, Pink Floyd, Mastodon, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Orbital, King Crimson, Russian Circles, Explosions in the Sky and more – that left me enthralled by the sheer length and breadth of IEHAC’s sonic ambitions. Not only that but the swagger and confidence that exuded from the band was palpable and hopefully will show the way forward… and so, congrats to Daniel, Amanda, Roland, Jordan and Nelson for this epoch in S-ROCK. Look out world, prepare to be boarded…

I would say much more but check out my companion piece on The Amaranthine Voyage in TODAY coming out soon.

Picture by Aloysius Lim.

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