The Flower Kings

Neo-prog. Progressive metal. These are the descendants of the first wave of progressive rock that flowered in the 70s. Check ‘em out at Spotify.


Hailing from Sweden, The Flower Kings have been making symphonic rock (echoing the sound of Yes, Genesis and King Crimson) since 1994.

PENDRAGONIntroducing Pendragon

British band Pendragon has been around since the 1980s and this is, as the title suggests, is a apt introductory compilation for newbies to get into to. Highly reminiscent of Rush & Supertramp, it must be said.

FATES WARNINGDarkness in a Different Light

Also from the 80s, this progressive metal band is still going strong.


The Norwegian band Circus Maximus – one of the first bands to integrate heavy metal and prog-rock with melodic song-driven material.

OPETHPeaceville Presents…

The well-established Swedish band Opeth has taken the darker elements of metal (including death metal growls) and melded the form with traditional progressive rock to arrive at sophisticated and yet visceral hard rock.

… still there’s more …

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