It can be said that little is known about the band, Elba.

A quick surf around the Seattle band’s official website, reveals that some of the information pertaining to the band and its releases are either outdated or missing. The videos and tour dates, though, are kept relevant and up-to-date.

Elba got its name from the Italian island that became Napoleon’s home during exile. Through the war imagery and heartbreak lyrical themes, Elba manages to capture a maritime feel to their alternative/indie, crisp instrumentation sounds and melodies. It feels as though they are taking us back to an era of 1955-1975.

A smooth blend of guitar awashed in reverb and lo-fi elements bring together a sense of romance and poignancy with the album. Suitable for the road trip in solitude, there are just minor variations between songs, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing here either.

Opening track Off Season marks a good impression, with hints of Explosions In The Sky shimmering in glitter. Another earwax: Lock Your Doors, with the influential flavour of Arctic Monkeys taking control.

Elba’s third, self-titled studio release will be available on the 22nd September, 2011.

Exclusive: For a free download and preview to the sounds of Elba, you can go to RCRD LBL’s website for an mp3 of From A Sinking Ship.

[CJ / Alvin Tham]