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Rock n’ roll will never die! This just might be power trio Colorway‘s manifesto on this eponymous debut. Rollicking numbers like “I’m Still Running” and “Live With Me” get the point across very succinctly. But singer-songwriter F Alex Johnson is also able to shake things up somewhat with the the sweet lullaby “Go Back to Sleep”, the acoustic instrumental “For the Birds” and the luscious ballad “A Temporary Occupation”. Highly recommended.


More rock n’ roll via power trio goodness, this time with Beware of Darkness. The difference here is that BOD’s approach is harder, edgier and laced with the right psychedelic touches. What is impressive is the trio’s ability to take diverse rock generations and mix it up – for example, “Sweet Girl” is an uncanny approximation of the Stones jamming with the Arctic Monkeys! No mean feat! Check it out!

DOT DASH - Half-Remembered Dream

Hook-laden alternative-rock vibes are evident all over this third album from this Washington DC outfit. That’s a strong 90s Brit-rock sensibility in songs like “Hands of Time” and Pop Underground savvy in tracks like  ”Bloom/Decay”. Dot Dash draws inspiration from bands like Teenage Fanclub and Greenberry Woods and there is a pleasing melodic strength amidst the nuanced guitar work that 90s alt-rock fans will love!

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