Apr 182012

“This Is How It Goes”

This new track is a Record Store Day 2012 exclusive 7-inch by Marco Benevento, available at independent record stores across the USA this Saturday, April 21. The song from the pianist is the first to ever feature vocals. Taking the honors is Kalmia Traver from the exploding indie-dance band Rubblebucket.

It’s quite repetitive but in a good way. And you will be hitting ‘repeat’ an inordinate amount of times. Check it out!

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Apr 092012

“Another Circle of Fifths” (Off upcoming new album, Are’s and Els)

Okay, I clicked on this link because of the following -

Michael The Blind is Michael Levasseur, a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in Portland, Oregon. Think Leonard Cohen, but not so low. Elliott Smith, but not so high. Suzanne Vega, but not so female. John Fahey when acoustic, Paul Westerberg when electric. A lyrical style that is both e.e. cummings and Mother Goose.

Now that’s winning copy! And what about that song title – which only music geeks will get? Priceless. The song itself, nasal high register voice, rockabilly rhythms, sawing violins and twang up to the wazoo. WIN WIN WIN WIN!


Apr 042012

“Bully” (off upcoming album, When The New Wears Off)

Am digging the early 70s classic pop-rock vibe (think: Rod Stewart, Big Star) of The Only Sons’ “Bully”. Am guessing you will too. Review of When The New Wears Off to come.

Official Site

Mar 112012

Tiger Talk

Country + Rock n’ Roll is still one of the most potent music out there in the modern rock wasteland. Thankfully, bands like Yukon Blonde is smart enough to eschew current obsessions with 80s post-punk/synth-pop and deal exclusively good old fashioned alt-country magic. For one week only, PoP visitors get to check out the upcoming new album – Tiger Talk – streaming in its entirety at Soundcloud. The album is due for released on 20th March. Can hardly wait!

Official Site

Mar 092012

“Debut” (off Adio Amigos EP)

Not your usual 80s-derivative indie pop but something a bit more old-school eccentric. Listen and/or download if you like!

Mar 082012

“Come On, Be A No One” (off new album, In the Belly of the Brazen Bull)

The band of brothers known as the Cribs returns with their 5th album in May. Taking the 90s alternative rock aesthetic (I really hesitate to use the term ‘grunge revival’) to its logical conclusion, the album is co-produced by Steve Albini and Dave Fridmann and promises to be a cracker. This track is a example of the goodness that resides in the new album – boasting a garage vibe and a screaming chorus that sends the adrenaline rushing. Yeah, it’s fun.

Mar 052012

‘There is Only Love” (Single)

In the spirit of presenting you, kind PoP visitor, the most promising and exciting new power pop out there in the wasteland of contemporary pop-rock, I give you The Running Jumps. Consisting of Joel Martin (vocals, guitar, keys), Todd McDearman (guitar, keys, vocals), Dave Johnstone (drums) and Sid Jordan (bass, vocals), The Running Jumps claim an affinity for albums like XTC‘s Skylarking, Jellyfish‘s Spilt Milk, The BeatlesSgt. Pepper, The Kinks‘ Village Green Preservation Society and The Zombies‘ Odessey and Oracle.  All this with a Guided By Voices or Superdrag edge.

“There is Only Love” is the band’s new single and the influences mentioned above offer fair representation of what to expect. Edgy and sweet when it needs to be, the song has an engaging chorus hook which will keep you humming along before too long. The vocals probably need work in certain points but there is no denying the strength of the songwriting. Looking forward to more from The Running Jumps!

Buy the single from CDBaby.

Feb 222012

“Primitive Girl” (off upcoming new album A Wasteland Companion)

Merge Records artist M. Ward is probably best known nowadays as Zooey Deschanel’s partner in She & Him or a member of Monsters of Folk.  Of course, the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter has been recording and releasing his own material for over a decade now and new album, A Wasteland Companion will be Ward’s eighth LP. “Primitive Girl” is the lead single for Ward’s new album and to these ears, it’s poppy veneer seems a mild departure from Ward’s more classicist/rootsy ventures. In fact, in some ways, it does appear to be similar to Ward’s She & Him excursions. The song structure itself is still fairly old-school and typical of Ward’s sonic preferences but overall, rather slight. That all said, it is meant to be lead single and in that respect it should do the necessary to generate interest in the upcoming album. Review to come…


Official Site

Feb 152012

Thinking California (off Whiskey Farmer)

No ‘indie cred’ necessary here as singer-songwriter James Low spins a rustic yarn about a farmer desperate to escape his dead end life. The track is featured on Low’s new album – Whiskey Farmer – which will be released on 21st Feb. It’s straightforward country-folk with twangy melodies that serve the heartfelt sentiments. Check out the video below and also the preview of the upcoming album. Review to come…

‘Thinking California’ from James Low on Vimeo.



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Feb 062012

Just a Dream (Sleep, With Me)

A live version performed by Ben Harrison – all haunting, dreamy… magnificient. Understand that a full band recording is in the works. One to look out for – in the meantime, enjoy…

Originally posted on 1 Feb 2012

Jan 272012


The Jealous Sound is back, with its sophomore effort, nine years after the release of its debut album. Called A Gentle Reminder, the new album drops Tuesday, 31st January 2011. And until that release date, fans can listen to A Gentle Reminder in its entirety. What are you waiting for?

Jan 242012

Still fresh in the memory of Singapore fans is the magnificent performance of The Jezabels at the recent The People’s Party. Well, the Sydney quartet’s new album – The Prisoner – is due for release soon and you can now listen to Try Colour, a powerful teaser for the delights to come…

The Jezabels – Prisoner (Sampler) by Mom + Pop

Jan 112012

White Snow

Red Wanting Blue’s previous album – These Magnificent Miles – was a firm favourite here at Power of Pop central and so we are definitely looking forward to the upcoming new album From the Vanishing Point. The opening teaser – White Snow – with its rollicking demeanor and heartfelt sentiment will win over country-folk-pop-rock fans all over the world. Check it out and come back for the Power of Pop review…

Red Wanting Blue – White Snow by fanaticpro

Official Site


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Dec 232011

Formed from the ashes of two fairly well-known indie outfits viz Piebald and Arlo, The Hunting Accident parlay powerpop-centric goodness into edgy indie rock constructs. The band has a debut 4-track EP available for FREE download over at its official website. All four tracks are worth listening to/downloading for their sharp tunage and smart licks. A band to keep a close watch on…

Facebook page

Dec 102011

City Light Soundtrack

Listen to Carlos Castano’s debut album in its entirety below. Enjoy…

City Light Soundtrack by carloscastano

Nov 182011

If Not I’ll Just Die

Lambchop is back with a new album, Mr M, to be released in February 2012. Can’t wait that long? Then here’s a teaser for you – this simply gorgeous slab of string-swept Brill Building show tune sweetness with one of the finest opening lines I’ve heard in many a year… magnificent! Now this is what I call ‘alternative music’.

Lambchop – If Not I’ll Just Die by MergeRecords

Official Site


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Nov 062011

Singapore band Obedient Wives Club was recently featured on KXLU (88.9 FM), an FM radio station broadcasting out of Loyola Marymount University in southwest Los Angeles, California. The radio station has been credited with discovering Beck and giving early LA bands like Guns ‘N’ Roses and Jane’s Addiction their first breaks.

According to band member, Keith Tan, a KXLU DJ found out about OWC online and emailed the band requesting an mp3 for broadcast. You can listen to the broadcast below.

Kxlu by Keith Tan 1

Obedient Wives Club will be playing at LEPA(R)K! on 19th November at Tiong Bahru Park. Don’t miss out on great music that that is happening right outside your doorstep. Admission is FREE!

Oct 282011


Cultured Man

Vancouver pop-rockers The Zolas make the right noises about the influence of Ray Davies/The Kinks on its music but it’s probably more a conceptual thing rather than a musical inspiration. Cultured Man recalls Davies’ compositions like Well Respected Man but that’s where the comparison ends. To these ears, Cultured Man evokes the closer memory of The Shins, Pavement and The Chills. It’s not an immediate attraction but a couple of plays ought to do the trick quite nicely. Cultured Man is available now on the split 7” split single with The Liptonians on Light Organ Records. The 7” will be available digitally.

The Zolas – Cultured Man by wearesolidgold

Official Site

Oct 272011


Just in time for Halloween. Do the walking dead shuffle!

Rockabilly Zombie – Dub Chieftain by metalpostcardrecords

Oct 222011

Tonight is The Night (Warner Bros Urban)

This is one of those times where I don’t give a fuck about the genre, the background or whatever cos this is a song to just groooove to. Know what I mean? Nothing else matters. Turn it up and enjoy…

Outasight – Tonight Is The Night by iamoutasight

Sep 172011


By now, regular PoP visitors will know what a band needs to do to be featured here! Psychedelic-country-folk-rock-blues is the ‘genre’ of choice and Parson Red Head fits the bill with two acoustic guitars, harmonica, percussion and gorgeous 4-part harmonies in this ‘live’ video. Burning Up the Sky is a song off new album, Yearling. Sweet! A PoP recommendation!

Official Site



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Sep 142011


A intriguing song with a hooky chorus – indie rock filtered through country-folk sensibilities – with a cool performance video to boot. Though ostensibly a quartet (see above), the music video sure looks over-crowded. Off new album, Flawed Logic, released in April by Engine Room Recordings.

Official Site

Aug 172011

Listen to new album – One Spark – in its entirety. Release date – 23rd August.

Gabe Dixon – One Spark by concordmusicgroup

Official Site



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Jul 152011

We recently spoke to Ghosts frontman Simon Pettigrew about what he has been up to and he was kind enough to share with us, a new song, Strawberry Smile which we simply dug. Well, we are happy to inform you that Simon has made the track available for download at Bandcamp for £0.99!

Check it out!

Jul 032011

Star Anna – Alone In This Together

Regular PoP visitors will know that I am an absolute sucker for good old fashioned honest-to-goodness country-folk-soul music. Add a spine-tingling female vox into the equation and the result is obsession! So here’s Star Anna, who at 25 has established musicians raving over her vocal abilities. Listen to this glorious track off her debut album of the same name and understand why…

Alone In This Together (Radio Edit) – Star Anna by grammy mammy

Official Site

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