Mar 272011

KAI 11:11 EP

Upon initial listening to Kai’s debut EP, 11:11, with the opening track Crowds, her vocals instantaneously struck me, and literally, stuck itself onto me. I find myself struggling to figure out which artiste’s vocals she reminds me clearly of. Is it Tanya Chua, Joanna Wang, Norah Jones, Colbie Caillat or Zee Avi?

The answer is not quite certain, as traces of the abovementioned artistes surface in my brainwaves on the continuing, listening journey further into 11:11. I then sillily realize that it is not anyone else but her own’s – the original voice and style of Kai.

From the minor crisis of comparison I had suffered, one pretty much establish the genre of Kai’s debut EP, which is more to that of the adult contemporary – mature tracks for the eardrums of the sophisticated grown-ups, with vocals of a slight husky twist, giving the songs and the melodies an extra elegant element to them.

At the tender age of 20 years old, Canadian singer-songwriter Kai is already well known for her single, I Choose Me, which is also featured on this debut 11:11 EP. About her writing style, she says: “A lot of the songs on my EP are written about my friends and their stories. Stories I hear that inspire me. I don’t really write about relationships and heartbreak. I write more about being empowered. Like I Choose Me. It says a lot about the way I view relationships and myself.”

On the rather unusual album title, she also has this to say: “11:11 is just something I’ve seen on the clocks since I was younger. Never really knew what it meant but is just kind of symbolic of hope for me. You know those two minutes of your day where you can just sit and be hopeful. I just thought it would be perfect for my first EP.”

One thing is for certain: with talent like this, the music world can be assured of unending quality.


NB. Kai’s quotes taken from her interview with The Broken Heel Diaries.

Listen to 11:11 now!


Kai – 11:11 by AkidaMusic


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