It’s Only Rock n’ Roll (But I Like It)

Y’know, I highly recommend Enjoy the Company, the new album (#4) from Athens, GA-based trio The Whigs to every music lover who is sick about the relentless barrage of no-talent hacks dressed up only with a disco/hip hop beat and nothing much else. It’s so refreshing to listen to music that is so obviously inspired by decades of honest rock n’ roll and everything that that entails.

What does that really mean? Well, my friends, it means basically throwing everything that is lovely about true-blue rock n’ roll – power chords, 12-bar blues, country twang, pedal steel and the all-important ‘fuck you’ attitude that defined the likes of The Rolling Stones, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, the Replacements, Dinosaur Jr and so on.

C’mon, how can you argue with a song called “Rock n’ Roll Forever”?!? Too simple for ya? Then how about the 8-minute rollicking “Staying Alive” which celebrates the rock n’ roll lifestyle – ‘so tell me the good part and repeat it…’ – indeed!  Or the breezy folk rock gem that is “Gospel” which will certainly clear the cobwebs of your mind. Heh! Deceptively straight-forward, The Whigs‘ latest tribute to rock n’ roll is actually a deep analysis of what makes our beloved music tick. And how!?!

Check out “Summer Heat” below.


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