A fabulous double bill awaits rock fans when Jagwar Ma joins The Flaming Lips on 1st December at The Coliseum. So here’s an email interview we did with the former’s Gabriel Winterfield and the results were good fun, as you will soon discover.

PoP: Last time out, you had to cancel a performance at Laneway Singapore – could you share with us what happened?

Gabriel: I tore a ligament in my knee, and was unable to perform or travel. Very sad. I’ve been waiting to get another chance to play Singapore ever since. 

PoP: So you’re coming back to Singapore now – how does it feel to be opening for The Flaming Lips? Have they been an influence on your music?

Gabriel: Yeh they’re really cool dudes. I knew that the tame impala guys were friends, and they’re friends of ours so when we met in Denmark we kinda hit it off.

PoP: If you had the time and opportunity, what would be the first question you would ask Wayne Coyne?

Gabriel: Haha last time we were talking about 2001: A Space Odyssey so I suppose we’ll just pick up where we left off.

PoP: How has the move to the UK changed things for the band?

Gabriel: I don’t know whether I eat more fish and chips in Australia or in the UK. So that hasn’t changed. I’m writing this back in Aus and man it does feel good to know I could just walk out my door, surfboard in hand and go for a wave. In some ways nothing really has changed, it just makes touring US and EU easier. I think that we’ll always be going to and fro Australia and UK.

PoP: How would you compare and contrast the music scenes of UK and Australia?

Gabriel: The world is getting smaller every day it seems, I think there is a level of symbiosis between UK and Australian music scenes. both have an influence on each other. For example I think people in Australia might take inspiration from the UK’s extensive dance history/culture, and vice versa people in UK might take inspiration from Australia’s connection to the natural world, often described stylistically as being psychedelic.

PoP: You released a single earlier this year (“Uncertainty”) – how has been the response to that?

Gabriel: People really seem to enjoy that song. It’s one of my favourites for sure. 

PoP: When will a new album be coming out? Is it going to be different from Howlin’?

Gabriel: No, we’re going to re-release the album in 3D. Haha of course it’s going to be different ! We’re writing and recording now, we’re playing it pretty close to the chest at this point though. 

PoP: How long will your set be in Singapore? What can fans expect?

Gabriel: An hour of the most innovative head twisting soul searching body bending show you’ve ever seen. Flashing lights, 808’s and a few heartbreaks, raving in full technicolor. Sonic boom high fives, cataclysmic stage dives. And to follow crowd mingling and selfies to boot no doubt. 

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