Dec 142012



Where else can one get on a special guest list to watch 5 bands perform on the same stage, with high fashion on the wayside, at a place of significant historical value, and with easily accessible beer to down into stomachs and possibly ruined livers?

Fred Perry seemed to have the answer for that on the Sunday of 2nd December (check in with your own prescribed doctors for the liver problem, please). As always, Fred Perry is injecting its fashion roots into the music scene like it often is well known to have done, to be doing, and will certainly be doing into the future as well, without a doubt.

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May 202012

The line-up for this year’s Baybeats Festival (29 June to 1 July at the Esplanade) is decidedly Singapore-focused with 21 (!) local acts sharing the various stages with acts from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan. The emphasis on Singapore acts befits the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Esplanade, a venue that has impacted the local music scene in a highly positive manner in the last decade.

So mark your calendars on the above dates and look out for Obedient Wives Club, For This Cycle, King King Jane, Black Diamond Folds, Godzilla, Rudra, Rachael Teo, ANECHOIS, Cashew Chemists, The Fast Colors, Embrace Them Ghosts, Great Spy Experiment, Plainsunset, Deon, MONSTER CAT, Pep Talk, Inch Chua & Metric System, Run Neon Tiger, Cockpit, A Town In Fear & In Each Hand a Cutlass.

An exciting time for the indie music scene beckons…


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Jul 232008

Man, sometimes I feel like I’m getting too old for this shit. Great Spy Experiment and a whole bunch of other bands were due to play at the Old School at Mount Sophia for the RSC Block Party. I had decided to focus my energies on watching GSE. 

Just before GSE took to the stage, it began to rain! Fir and I decided to hug the front of the stage for shelter as the band (sans Mag – what a pity) began their set. The band seemed a little rusty and the sound was all over the place but as usual once everything calmed down, GSE gave the fans what they wanted – cool dance vibes. 

A new song was also debuted which betrayed a Joy Division influence and featured a stomping coda. Hope to hear more in the weeks to come. By and large, the songs pandered to the crowd’s need to mosh and with Class “A” Love Affair, the kids went apeshit and being near the front, I got jostled and pushed around. Thanks to Thomas for looking out for me, Somehow I always get “attacked” whenever I watch GSE at the front of the stage!

Didn’t hang round for long after that and found the way back home from Old School tough-going and got lost once or twice. Still, it was worth the hassle for GSE. 

Pix by Fir.

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Apr 282008

Has the Great Spy Experiment arrived? How is one to judge anyway? Is it the fact that they’ve played at the SXSW festival? Or maybe by releasing a critically acclaimed debut album? Or perhaps even headlining their own gig at the Esplanade Recital Studio last Friday?

Well, it’s partly all these things but really it’s about how the music makes you feel. Yeah, that’s it, boys and girls. I stood almost at the back of the hall soaking in the atmosphere witnessing the crowd swaying, jumping, dancing, screaming, shouting, fist-pumping, arms saluting, head bopping to the sound and fury that GSE dispense from the stage. The audience reaction was something to savour.

The band was in fine form – visually and sonically. The guys were all resplendent in their suits and Mag looked sizzling – literally. Hot! Whilst the sound was poor at the beginning, that hiccup didn’t last (thankfully) and as the band cranked out the hits, the fans simply lapped it all up. The highlight for me was the new song – Litmus – which came across to me as all the best bits about Flower Show Riots album condensed in one really incandescent moment.

I must confess that I could barely contain my joy at watching Song, Saiful, Mag, Khai and Fandy revel in the spotlight – Song was grinning like a Cheshire cat and Saiful kept shaking his head in disbelief at the awesome reception the band was getting. At the very end with Class ‘A’ Love Affair, the Great Decay and Flow, the Recital Studio was rocking and the sheer energy was tangible and palpable. Magic!

Two moments summed it up for me. Thomas (Perplexed) Tan at the very front, putting his camera aside and simply moving to the music and Fir singing at the top of his lungs behind me in happy abandon.

That’s what its all about!!!

Those who were fortunate enough to get tickets will understand what I’m talking about. It’s a gig that will live long in the memory but I believe that GSE will surpass even this achievement before too long…

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Mar 092008


The quality of a good song is evident in (almost) every musical context. Now, the Great Spy Experiment has wonderful songs and the challenge for the band at this Mosaic Music Festival event at the Esplanade Concourse tonight was to present them in an acoustic format. And the band delivered with aplomb!

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