SG music scenesters get upset when I use the term ‘S-ROCK’ to describe the indie rock and pop music that is made in Singapore. “It sounds like ASS-ROCK” is one complaint or “Gentle Bones is NOT rock!” is another. C’mon, loosen up, why don’t you? You do know that ‘rock’ is a generic term that includes a myriad of ‘genres’ and styles, right? AND it is so much simpler IMHO to bring every Singapore band or artist who is NOT a ‘pop idol’ or ‘youtube sensation’ under a collective umbrella such as ‘S-ROCK’. Inclusive rather than exclusive, if you know what I mean. So instead of spazzing out over terms, let’s just enjoy the music, shall we? Here is a playlist of my favourite S-ROCK tracks you can stream over at Deezer.

… still there’s more … 

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