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BEVLYN Feel About You (S2S Music)

I have said this before and I will say this again – ‘there can be no thriving underground without a successful mainstream’. For Singapore (English) music industry, there is no true divide between ‘pop’ and ‘indie’ as both factions are equally marginalized. S2S is a Japanese (independent) label that has signed a couple of Singaporean female singer-songwriters like Kewei Tay and Bevlyn Khoo.

Whilst Kewei seems more suited for the Mando pop scene, Bevlyn appears to be tailor-made for the English jazz pop arena. This new album has originals and covers spread evenly over its duration. Songs like A Love Song, The Goodbye Waltz, Feel About You, Call It A Day and Barbie Song are all original compositions and prove that there’s more to Bevlyn than a pretty face and silky voice. I particular like Call It A Day and The Goodbye Waltz for the strong melodies and dynamic arrangements. I just wish that the production was less sterile and that there be less emphasis on jazz and more on pop. But that’s just me. I really think that Bevlyn has the potential to capture the hearts of the Adele-loving crowd if she is so minded.

I must confess that the covers do absolutely nothing for me. I feel that Bevlyn (and probably the label) is selling her short by having these meaningless versions of well-known songs. No matter how well dressed up they may be, they’re just covers but maybe this is the kind of approach the jazz-pop audience demands. You know, the Diana Krall set. Ugh.

But let’s end on a positive note. I am hoping that Feel About You does well enough so that Bevlyn will have a chance to develop her own songcraft so that she might flower as an original songwriter.

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