To be honest, probably the weakest of the superhero TV shows are Agents of SHIELD and Legends of Tomorrow. Unfortunately, these were the only two shows that were aired this week with the far superior Flash, Supergirl and Arrow on hiatus, and with Agent Carter having completed the Season Two run.


Suffice to say, both AoS and LoT waste their potential. Considering how well Marvel Studios has done with the film adaptations, it seems such a disappointment that AoS is only average scifi TV – it begun as a hokey retread of Heroes (of all things!) before turning into a standard TV show about enhanced individuals, which they branded somehow as ‘Inhumans’ – basically inferior versions of ‘Mutants’ (which film rights belong to Fox).

White Canary

Regular visitors will be all too familiar with my gripes about LoT, simply wrong characters to use for a super-team (awfully B-grade, with the producers reluctant somehow to use Firestorm on a regular basis – something to do with the cost of special effects?), the premise of Rip Hunter’s quest to save his timeline from Vandal Savage is a dead end and the writers have a problem with making any sense from the time travel stories. Worse still, LoT lacks the eye candy of even AoS, which brings it right down to the bottom of the pile.


Thankfully, Supergirl resumes on the 14th while Flash and Arrow will return the following week.

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