11 - 15

16.    Thea Gilmore – Harpo’s Ghost 

            This is commanding and mature work and in a medium that most had written off as jaded and dated, the sheer passion and skill of Thea Gilmore shines like a supernova.

17.    Steve Wynn & Miracle Three - …tick, tick, tick… 

         Essential for lovers of the rock alternative, rock with heart and soul and for those who need to believe that rock ‘n’ roll is still vibrant and relevant and yes, here to stay…

18.    Essex Green – The Cannibal Sea 

         Never once does the Essex Green go through the motions, every single track on Cannibal Sea has been laboured over with love and carefully imbued with the heart and soul of the band.

19.  The Hold Steady – Boys and Girls in America 

         Singer-songwriter Craig Finn writes vivid character studies with a focus firmly on kids who seem to have nothing else to do but drink, party, do drugs and get laid. And in this case the Springsteen comparison is a compliment.

20.    Islands – Return to the Sea 

            Return to the Sea contains a balance of idiosyncrasies coupled with pop smarts that will endear Islands to old and new fans of the new rock.


21 - 25