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11.    Roger Joseph Manning – Land of Pure Imagination

          A kaleidoscope of Roger’s fascination with innocence as the music suggests a gentler pop era as soft rock ballads, chamber pop pieces, show tunes, Disney movie themes and lullabies dominate Roger’s soundscape.

12.    Guillemots – From the Cliffs 

         An ambitious debut, Fyfe Dangerfield is a talented songwriter that never shies from any style to express himself and the collective genius of Guillemots guarantees a smorgasbord of sounds to delight the headphone listener.

13.    Danielson – Ships

            Daniel Smith’s best thus far, harnessing a mélange of influences with his infectious idiosyncratic persona intact, without compromising an iota of his faith. This is joyful, living music that makes no excuses for its passion and creativity.

14.    Grandaddy – Just Like the Fambly Cat 

         The quintessential “headphone” album as Jason Lytle’s fragile guitar crunches and wistful acoustic breezes are often embellished by incongruent synthesized sounds and effects, without sacrificing one iota of cool tunage quotient.

15.    Alan Singley & Pants Machine – LovingKindness 

         All round, first-rate songwriting is the order of the day with Alan Singley and Pants Machine. Smart without being smug, LovingKindness is a pleasure pop-rock fans (of all ages) will enjoy.


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