Two years, Chrissie Hynde released an unprecedented solo album – Stockholm – but has returned to her original vehicle, Pretenders, for the legendary rock band’s 11th studio album, Alone.

Right off the bat, let us say that Alone is one of the finest retro-pop albums released this year and might be one of the best Pretenders albums ever!

The album sums up everything that one ever loved about Pretenders as it covers the gamut of timeless rock ’n’ roll and classic pop-rock in its 12 tracks.

The garagey blues-rock of the title track, the authentic 60s country-blues veneer of “Roadie Man”, the stomping swamp-rock of “Gotta Wait”, the slinky 80s pop-rock of “Never Be Together”, the nostalgic balladry of “Let’s Get Lost”, the symphonic folk-rock of “The Man You Are” and so on, demonstrate Hynde’s wonderful grasp of the richness of rock history.

Absolutely essential.

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