Electro-soul-pop has been the popular ‘genre’ in recent times amongst indie-loving youth. Much of this approach is middling fare and somewhat generic but as with any other hip & cool ‘genre’ – the distinctive mark of an artist is the attention to melodic development.

This is where Maricelle’s debut EP, Pursuit, succeeds. It would be easy for this EP to be lost amongst the numerous female artistes currently populating the electro-soul-pop ‘genre’ in the Singapore music scene but thankfully, Maricelle’s melodies are strong and memorable.

The production (by James Lye) is typically lush and somewhat ‘cold’ – as too much electronica is – but what is not lost is the song craft that is founded on melodicism. Tracks like “Lucky Ones”, “Quick Fix” and “Atlas Therapy” feature well-developed tunes that are never hooks for their own sake but seem to be birthed from a deep well that goes beyond superficiality and banality.

Truly soul, and if that sounds trite, it’s not meant to. It’s intended to be a robust endorsement of  Maricelle’s Pursuit EP.



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