From the moment I first heard Time as a scrawny teenager, I was sold on Pink Floyd and I count Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall as three of my all-time favourite rock LPs. Hell, I even think that The Final Cut is a flawed masterpiece. Throw in Syd Barrett’s psychedelic opus – Piper At The Gates of Dawn – and you are talking about one of the most influential (not to mention best-selling) discographies in the history of rock.

Still that does not excuse Pink Floyd from periodically releasing new box sets of said discography every couple of years with yet another round of re-mastering exercise. Wasn’t the last time Floyd did this only four years ago with Oh By The Way? Simple greed, I guess. How many versions of the same albums can you own anyway? Not only that but simultaneously with the release of this Discovery box set, the band has also turned in a Dark Side box set in its own right, with numerous versions and editions to satisfy every Floyd obsessive’s cravings.

Which makes the lyrics to Money strangely ironic right about now…