ShiGGa Shay – Let’s Roll (Aging Youth)

When local rapper ShiGGa Shay first made waves on Mediacorp’s Live & Loaded programme (as a raw, cocky 16 year old), he was met with derision and fair amount of hatin’. But to his credit, the rapper has persevered with honing his craft (and pursuing his dream). So I must admit that I was quite impressed with him when he turned up at the Noise Auditions last year – less cocky but more assured, he struck me as the ‘real deal’. ShiGGa Shay’s latest single continues his upward development as one of the brightest rappers in our region and there is no denying the sheer potential in his raps and beats on Let’s Roll. Check the lyric video below to see what ah mean…debut album to come soon.

Check out Aging Youth’s website for more information.