MY ONE & ONLY (’94)

There are a couple of versions of My One & Only out there, which is basically me milking it. Or it’s just me trying to get things as perfect as I possibly can. So that was the case with the original version of My One & Only, which is on 1993’s Democracy album. I’ve never been completely satisfied with it for various reasons and so when I recorded the quickie follow-up Love EP (with Pat Chng & Ben Harrison), I figured why not have a new edition with a different arrangement and new instrumentation. I think this ’94 edition is better than the original but of course, that did not stop me from recording another version in 2008, which you can find on the +65 Indie Underground compilation.

Anyways, the ’94 edition has been uploaded at and you can download it for FREE here. You’d need to provide a valid email in order to do so, hope that’s not too much of an inconvenience. Thanks once again for your generous support, you are the best!

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  1. Ooh I think this is my favourite studio version! It’s more organic than the ’93 one, but I like the electronic touches on this one over the ’08 recording (even though that’s the one on my iTunes).

    Did you ever do any other recordings of Gum? because as you know that’s my all-time favourite song from you.

  2. The original version of Gum is on This Savage Garden demo cassette. Properly recorded version is a hidden track on Democracy. There is no digital file of the demo… yet.

  3. Ahh what’s the cassette version like? Tbh my fav arrangement was that song was the one you did at Mercy Relief last year, I think.

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