Earlier this year, electro-soul artist Maricelle released her debut EP – The Pursuit – to a warm reception. Maricelle will showcase the songs on The Pursuit and other tracks at her Launch Party at the Esplanade Annexe Studio on April 20th from 7pm.

Maricelle took time out of her busy schedule for the Launch Party to answer a couple of quick queries.

How are you preparing for the Pursuit EP launch?

At the moment, everything is pretty much revved up and ready to go. Been rehearsing with the band and tying up the last bits of the show. I’m also singing a lot and preparing a new track for the show.

What can music fans expect from this show that might be different from your other performances?

It’s my first time putting my songs together with a full band, and so differently arranged from The Pursuit EP, so it’s going to be hellava fun. We’ve got Sano Shimano as Music Director on electric guitar and key-bass, Auzaie Zie (THIEVVES, Disco Hue) on keyboards and tracks, Mike Evan Lau (JAWN, Ffion) on electric guitar, Boey Yong Jie (The Good Life Project, JAWN) on drums and Vincent Tan (Dru Chen) on saxophone – big band, big sound, big energy.

How do you feel about how your music has been received so far? (The EP has gotten about 300k plays on Spotify).

It’s been really great. So many people have been so supportive, including Spotify and iTunes. And lots of friends as well as people I’ve never even met have been sharing the music and love. It feels amazing to be able to share something so close to my heart with the world.

Any message to your fans out there?

Really excited to be performing live and sharing The Pursuit EP, looking forward to seeing you at the show!

Good news! Maricelle has released three pairs of tickets to the Launch Party to us for a giveaway! All you need to do is to share the event link on your Facebook page:

Send a screen capture of your Facebook post to and the first three ‘sharers’ will nab these precious tickets. What are you waiting for?

Tickets now available from

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