Sep 082014

HBO’s The Leftovers has polarized both viewers and critics with an unflinching look at the impact of loss on a small community. The main supernatural factor of the series relates to the critical event of the Sudden Departure – similar to the Christian concept of The Rapture.

In ten episodes, the series delved into the response of the town folk of Mapleton, New York, the individuals most affected and the social phenomenon that developed to make sense of it all, specifically The Guilty Remnant, a cult group whose main purpose is to ensure that the Sudden Departure is never forgotten.

The series was melancholy in tone, as expected, and highly ponderous. Viewers were encouraged to think about the issues raised by the series, with the supernatural elements downplayed and sometimes even suggested to be the result of different characters’ mental problems.

Even though the season finale provided few answers, it did at least deliver emotional closure on certain issues. Thus, in that sense, it was satisfying. The Leftovers is definitely an acquired taste but I for one am looking forward to what Season 2 will bring.


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