Yeah, more power pop/pop underground music you should be listening to if you dig sophisticated melodies with crunchy guitars and clever arrangements. Please take notes…


The last time this wonderful band released new material was 2003 – unsure whether the band still exists as the official site has not been updated since 2004! Tough being a power pop in this current environment. In any case, I need to highlight three essential LPs that need your attention. Enjoy!


An award-winning Canadian band that has been around for two decades and started out being labeled as a grunge band – yeah, that long ago! Tons of material to get into but I have selected probably my favourite album. Check it out!


Now better known for being the band of Dan Wilson, the songwriter who co-wrote Adele’s “Somebody to Love” rather than the band that gave us the 90s hit, “Closing Time”, Semisonic released three albums that were worthy additions to the power pop canon. I prefer the first one, myself.


Enjoying platinum album sales and a hit record (“The Way”), Fastball made the most of its 15 minutes of fame to deliver its popular blend of alt-rock with Beatlesque pop hooks. A one-hit wonder, alas. But still worth investigating.

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