PRAVADA Dirty Looks

Quirky indie rock n’ roll that presses most of the right buttons. Lyrically and vocally, there’s a Lou Reed/VU vibe (“Flatbush”), a geek-rock Weezer ambience (“Junky’s Life”) and other general ironic references to outsider music that will endear Pravada to music lovers who need something a little off the beaten path. The melodies are in short supply but that’s the intention, presumably. Promising.


Japanese-Swedish singer-songwriter delivers austere classical-folk pieces that connect very directly with its listener. There is a stark and fragile minimalist quality about songs like “Let You Go” and “Hunting Sky”. In this context, Sumie’s melodies are not strong enough to hold attention over the course of a LP, without variations in arrangements, instrumentations or styles. In same doses only.

SPARK Head vs Heart

According to his press release, Spark (aka Finnish producer Pietari Pyykönen) has had a dream to be a rock star since age 2! Fifteen years later, Spark has released his first EP. It’s clearly 80s influenced synth-pop, with a strong attempt to write pop melodies but the production work (especially the ‘drums’) is a little too ‘in-your-face’ for my tastes. A good start, in any case.

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THEE OH SEES Floating Coffin

Punky rock n’ roll with a Flaming Lips vibe. Can’t argue with that. Lofi production values with carefree instrumentation but the songs are so fun and catchy and experimental that it’s easy to ignore the imperfections. In fact, think of the flaws as part of the overall deal! Fans of Guided By Voices will absolutely love this band – who have been around since the 90s by the way. Check them out!

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