Music Matters – “Asia Pacific’s entertainment industry gateway” – returns in September 2017 and this also means its showcase festival is back as well!

And let’s be real. If you are a Singapore band, playing at this festival is not going to – by itself – break you onto the international stage BUT there are many advantages in doing so.

For one thing, it’s getting an opportunity to meet up with foreign bands – regional and international – and establishing vital contacts that might come in handy if you ever wanted to play in those countries down the line. AND isn’t it always cool to make new musical friends to begin with?

Also, there is that possibility of impressing one or two of the delegates attending the conference who are mostly key global entertainment industry influences and executives. Sure, it’s remote but one never knows where these good impressions may lead to.

Lastly, of course, to get the chance to perform your music on this platform is quite a boon in itself, especially if you are an aspiring up-and-coming band. Seriously, considering the limited opportunities for original music in our covers obsessed pub circuit culture, please do not look the gift horse in the fucking mouth!

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