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Jan 292012


Sun Worshipper (Ujikaji)

Where experimental music intersects with heavy metal – this is the fecund proving ground in which Magus exists. Consisting of guitarist Leslie Low (Observatory) and drummer Mark Dolmont, Magus is an instrumental metal duo that doles out sonic trances with heft. Low and Dolmont first hooked up when both were working in the same production company in Singapore and performed a couple of gigs before Canadian Dolmont left the country. With basic recording completed in a day in San Francisco and assembled online between Low and Dolmont, Sun Worshipper is an amalgamation of sludgy guitar riffs (reminiscent of metal pioneers Black Sabbath and progressive rockers King Crimson), percussive assaults and musique concrete, enveloped by the kind of ambient noise developed by the likes of Shellac and Sunn O))).

The opening Chakravyuha sets the doom-laden tone with typical Iommi-isms with the strident Slow Birth and Chinese Spirals maintaining the unrelenting attack. In between, tracks like Floatations and Riders On Psychedelics allow for slightly funkier rhythms, providing relief somewhat from the metallic shock tactics that dominate. Not for all tastes, it must be emphasized. But certainly for the metal fan who appreciates an artistic, experimental flavor, then definitely Magus’ Sun Worshipper will more than satisfy. Set the controls for the dark side of the moon…

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