Jul 252011

The Von Ehrics – Two Foot Stomp

Having not heard of The Von Ehrics before, I presumed – purely with initial judgemental views – that they could be an electronic pop duo with a supersonic, outer space inspired sound; and that this album release would probably set the dancefloor on fire, leading to the conveniently titled Two Foot Stomp; as a result, making listeners catch on with the infectious dance melodies, which they couldn’t help but to find themselves swaying to. You know, kind of like how today’s mainstream music is sounding. How much more wrong could I be, I realized, after I listened.

The dance part could still be considerably right, but on the contrary, their genre would be largely classified as country rock, with some parts of adult contemporary punk punched into the fix. They described their music genre best on their official website,, as “Texas-styled country punk rock and roll”. Listeners can visualize oneself in a lazy town, with beer mugs being clanged together in bars buzzing with noise and music (as such, the album in review), hostesses entertaining the patronizers, and a possible shootout occurring outside in the hot sun and sands between two cowboys – wild, wild west style.

The four piece members making up The Von Ehrics are very focused in their specific sound and direction, which is always a plus factor on the professional ground. However, with a genre pretty much specified to a particular location within a continent, it is hard for people outside of that lifestyle, and of that location, to be appreciative of the music coming out from there.

Also, with a sound and direction thus comfortable with the band, it began sounding similar throughout the album tracklist, and it was hard to identify standouts for individual songs.

Still, for people who like their music with a bit of adventure and fun twisted into their eardrums, The Von Ehrics can be a good spin, and indeed, if you manage to find your own groove with that of the band, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if you find yourself doing the two foot stomp – as the album title suggested. You have been warned otherwise, right at the start.

On a final note for this review, another judgemental impression that I had was that the band members sounded like they would be in their late 20s or early 30s; however, after glancing at a picture of the band uploaded on their official website, I will have to say otherwise. Guess it’s never too old to rock ‘n’ roll. And another important lesson learnt: never judge any book by its cover.


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