Jun 102011

BRANDON LEE My Life (Self-released)

Here’s a bit of a rarity from the S-ROCK scene – an EP of decidedly mainstream commercial music that has been independently produced. Well, I suppose the antecedents would be Jack & Rai and 53A. Except whilst the aforementioned have been staples of the local pub circuit for years before embarking on a recording project, Lee is more of an unknown quantity.

My Life showcases four original tracks – two modern rock songs viz. Invincible and Out There and two ballads viz My Life and Always Love You. The faster numbers share the emo-pop-punk feel the likes of Dashboard Confessional and Fall Out Boy popularized and also share some similarities with S-ROCK outfits like West Grand Boulevard and Caracal. The slower numbers are quite typical radio-friendly fare – not particularly memorable (tune wise) and rather cliched but they get the job done, I suppose.

In general, the songwriting and arrangements are not distinctive enough and clearly Lee needs to widen his musical palette if he wants to be taken a little more seriously. That said, I thought the acoustic version of Invincible demonstrated more punch, clarity and distinction than the ‘full’ recording. Perhaps Lee may want to review his songwriting process so that his songs may reflect his persona better than the ones contained on this debut EP.

Lee launches My Life at TAB on 28th June 2011.

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