Emmylou Harris – Goodnight Old World


Album: Hard Bargain

Director: Jack Spencer

Country music is definitely one of my weakest music links. It rarely catches on in my books, and I never could quite get the hang of it in general. When I watch the annual Grammy Awards each year, or try to, for that matter, I often find myself struggling, or leaving in the midst to do some errands, or even dozing off during the country performances and category award presentations.

But then of course, there are still acts that managed to catch on a fever within me – be it the sounds of adult contemporary, the soothing or catchiness of the song’s melodies, or the depth of maturity in its lyrics. Or the sheer influence of various other factors involved. Emmylou Harris is definitely one of them. After all, who else can one trust to deliver quality music, other than someone who has been around since 1970?

In Goodnight Old World, Emmylou’s vocals tingles with the feelings and emotions of sadness, hope and vulnerability all packed up in one. As the title suggests, it is a good song to play during the nights, when the world turns into a shade of the unknown, emotions are high, and the anticipation of a greater tomorrow lingers in the thoughts in our minds, and seeps into our dreams of fears and visions.

And it is only natural that as I write this entry in the wee hours of a morning, that I long for sleep like never before. I say, as Emmylou sings, goodnight old world, see you tomorrow, we rise with the sun, and fall with the sparrow.


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