Dec 222010

TECHY ROMANTICS Touch (Party Bear)

When I first saw Philippine trio Techy Romantics at Baybeats 2010, I was struck by how much it seemed to be a hybrid of electronic music and twee pop! With Dondi Virrey manning the machines, Ryan Villena playing guitar and Camyl Besinga singing on top, it all just seemed perfectly engineered to present the best of technology and romance. Voila! Techy Romantics, indeed!

This 12 track album is a sweet amalgam of cool beats and vibrant fret patterns, just the right amount for Besinga to plead, cajole and persuade you onto the dance floor. Songs like Dance Like Lightning, Touch Move, Daydreams and Walking Away will certainly put you in the right mood to party the night away. Yes, it’s your basic danceable female-fronted synthpop (which is most definitely de rigueur now) but with the added twist of post-punk guitars (think: New Order) spicing things up considerably.

Worth checking out.


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