Dec 142010

ELECTROLIGHTZ It Happened Over Night (Self-released)

It should be understood and made clear to musicians that we, humans, do not feel the need to dance all the time. So stop – stop with this current trend of making all possible tunes out there as danceable as possible. Humans, as we are, have different sides/moods at different phases of our lives, different times of the day.

For this review of Electrolightz’s It Happened Over Night, please also refer to my previous Janosch Moldau review. And it’s not all good.

Electrolightz is an act that crosses various music genres – dance, pop and Hip-Hop, and comprises of members Rami Dearest (singer), Namebrand (rapper), erOc (producer) and Barry Romance (drummer). As much as creative stage names goes, this could very well be the ultimate. The group has toured with an impressive list of acts, from the likes of A-Trak, Steve Aoki, Talib Kweli, The Chemical Brothers and many more.

Nothing feels brand new with this 8-track release, as though you may have heard them all before, but in actual fact this is most probably the first time your sense of hearing is in contact with such tunes. Throughout many moments in the album, the combination and repeated formulae of Far East Movement, T-Pain and Gym Class Heroes quickly surface, but for listeners whom strangely have an intriguing interest on such an output (of the abovementioned three acts combined), do not let the hype fool you.

Written All Over Your Face stands out as a leading introduction, proving to be slightly more catchy compared with the rest of the album, which sinks into an analogous state, like a dancefloor party gone way past its happy moments, or two slices of fresh bread with no condiment in between. Third track I Love You suffers from the disaster of using repetitive same-liner in its chorus way too much, thus losing any sign of romance in the atmosphere where the three-word phrase is meant to say, bring and carry. And sometimes, people (read: girls) want to hear more than just these three simple yet complex words to say, to hear them from (read: guys). And let’s not get ourselves started on the title of the last track, called I Wanna Love You Electronically. Just imagine the amount of cheese involved.

My recommendation for Electrolightz is to identify a band sound that they can get involved creatively within its own members, and to create one that is uniquely Electrolightz.


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