Taken from Marykates Myspace page

Taken from Marykate's Myspace page

PoP visitor, you’re in for a treat cos Marykate is in the house showing a little bit of wit. Some of her responses are hilarious…

1.    Why play music?

I ask myself this all the time. It is expensive, exhausting, heartbreaking.
I do it because I love it. It is completely irrational. I actually think I
have a problem.  Maybe I should join a 12 step program? Wait – I just did
step one. I feel better already.

2.    Who are your influences?

I love 60’s pop, 70’s singer-songwriter, 80’s new-wave, 90’s indie rock, my
friends, painters, movies, television and books.

3.    What is success?

Avoiding most of reality for as long as possible.

4.    Why should people buy your music?

It is patriotic to spend right now. And, I funded my record on a high
interest prime rate loan which was not covered by the bail out program.
Plus, you may actually enjoy it.

5. Who do you love?

I love piewackit. 

6. What do you hope to achieve with your music?

World peace. 

7. Who comes to your gigs?

Friends and strangers who then often become friends. Also pagans. I find I
have a large pagan following.

8. What is your favorite album?

I am not good at this –– just picking one thing — this is also why I have
no tattoos. But, I feel I have to say you can never name the Beatles to any
questions of this sort. 
XTC – skylarking.

9. What is your favorite song?

All qualifications listed in questions 8
apply. Rickie Lee Jones – Living it Up.

10. How did you get here?

I never left.

See what I mean? Marykate’s new EP – mkULTRA – is out now with an album to follow in 2009.

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