Sep 302010

MAROON 5 Hands All Over (A&M/Universal)

Like the cover of its latest album, the music of Maroon 5 is sexy but delivered in a manner that can only be described as over-the-top. For a band that has already sold more than 15 million albums worldwide, it has upped the ante by bringing in renowned record producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange to polish an already blindingly shiny product.

Music purists may find this slick third album a little too much, with the auto-tuned vocals, the tight metronome-like rhythms, cliched (borrowed even) melodies and mechanical production coming across as a tad soul-less. Harsher critics may find these factors even cynical as Adam Levine and company pillage 60s soul classics with abandon and strip the templates of any kind of heart whatsoever.

However, I’m certain that Hands All Over was put together with scant awareness of music critics. Instead, the album is aimed directly between the eyes of those more than 15 million people who already love the kind of music Maroon 5 has been parlaying since 2002.

When considering the music currently dominating the charts and airwaves, I would say that Maroon 5′s own take on blue-eyed soul is rather welcome and whilst this is probably stretching logic a little, I guess you could say that the music of Maroon 5 is the closest thing we have now to Hall & Oates’ rock ‘n’ soul, and for that at least we should be thankful for.

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