SARAH BLASKO As Day Follows Night (Universal)

Songs that transcend genre are the forte of singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko. Originally hailing from Sydney, Australia (and now transplanted in the United Kingdom), Blasko appears to mine the similar vein that fueled the imaginations of Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Bjork and Fiona Apple. Ethereal creatures that based their otherworldly songs on structures borrowed from jazz, classical, folk and music hall traditions.

With her third album, As Day Follows Night, Blasko decided to record in an unfamiliar environment (viz. Sweden) with producer Bjorn Yttling and whether that change resulted in a different kind of recording is debatable. Blasko continues to sing in an affected manner (recalling Bjork on many occasions) and there is definitely a strong chamber music atmosphere permeating throughout the album.

Ironically, in my view, the best track comes at the end with the haunting Night & Day as spectral piano and nylon guitar provide uneasy accompaniment. Elsewhere, Over and Over offers a rare sprightly moment as Blasko bizarrely quotes from the Talking Heads’ Road to Nowhere, Bird on a Wire is a subtle bluesy stomper and Sleeper Awake is a rotating, freewheeling neo-classical dreamscape.

Blasko’s stripped down, austere albeit sophisticated songs stylings will certainly go down very well within the confines of the Esplanade Recital Studio. Fans and admirers would be well advised to check Blasko when she is in town on 8th November Tickets available from SISTIC.

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