LOLA DUTRONIC Musique EP (Red Star)

Imagine a stormy, rainy day outside, in the dark city landscapes, where the streets are alive and the people are walking by, dressed in heavy raincoats and sheltered by umbrellas, unaware that you are looking from a window above, in one of the high rise buildings; and within the walls of your apartment, with a mug of hot cocoa in hand, steam arising, accidentally fogging your reading glasses and bringing you a certain familiar feeling – possibly of love, lost and found.

That will have been a perfect setting for Lola Dutronic’s music, heavy on lounge grooves and sensual vocals – and lush is the word.

Lola Dutronic is made up of vocalist Lola Dee and producer/composer Richard Citroen, and founded by Marty Thau, who was responsible for the discoveries of Blondie, The New York Dolls and Suicide. Lola has a background in opera and jazz, and has been performing since the age of 5, while Richard is a former member of The Diodes. And togther, infusing various musical elements of pop, electro and lounge, and singing in both English and French languages, Lola Dutronic is set to release Musique EP as their latest offering to the musical world.

Lola’s experienced and skilled vocals prove dreamy in many places, evident in the single release of Whisper (together with a very explicit video), and consistently applicable throughout the remaining of the album’s tracks. Clearly in the 21st century, it makes herself – and even, in the big picture, the Lola Dutronic duo – sound pretty out of place, in an age of digitalism. What I would have liked to hear is more innovative musical directions and ideas into their blend of typical lounge vibe and beats, but since no one really pleases no other fully in the realistic world, I will merrily settle for this delightful release from Lola Dutronic, and sincerely hope Power Of Pop readers – for those into lounge music, at least – to discover upon this act and go with this record for a spin with no regrets.


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