“…they’re (DC) offering me a million or two million, then I would imagine that what was potentially on offer to them would be higher by a couple of factors, maybe two or three factors, who knows?  It could be a huge amount.  So this would seem to explain their apparent desperate need to get me to put my signature upon something, which I’m not inclined to do.  This is because I actually felt that the work we did on WATCHMEN was somehow special.  I have got a great deal of respect for that work.  I do not want to see it prostituted.  This has always been my position.”

Regular Power of Pop visitors would be aware that the comic book writer (and WATCHMEN co-creator) Alan Moore is one of my heroes and my estimation of the man continues to rise in the face of continued intimidation by DC in relation to Moore’s rights in WATCHMEN. In an interview with Adi Tantimedh posted by Bleeding Cool, Moore spoke about the latest issues between DC and himself concerning WATCHMEN. What is notable is that DC seem to be going to all this trouble to create WATCHMEN spinoffs and to basically hive off the legacy of a comic book that was published 25 years old. As Moore himself speculates – why does this desperation say about DC’s ability to create new stories and new characters?

You really have to admire Moore’s refusal to compromise his principles in this manner for financial gain. He has constantly requested that his name be left off the numerous film adaptations of his comics works and that any payment related to such films be given to the artist instead! When you consider that so far, films of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell, Hellblazer (Constantine), V For Vendetta and of course, WATCHMEN have been made, we’re not talking spare change here.

This is why I do not read comic books anymore. The people in the mainstream comics industry have no artistic integrity whatsoever.


Thanks to Kenneth Chaw for the heads up.

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  1. Reminds me of that spoof in The Simpsons… “Watchmen Babies”!

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