WORKING FOR A NUCLEAR FREE CITY The Jojo Burgest Tempest (Melodic)

The Jojo Burger Tempest is the 3rd album from Working For A Nuclear Free City (WFANFC), an electronic post-rock group hailing from the UK.

Like their previous album, Businessmen and Ghosts, the Jojo Burger Tempest displays a diverse range of sounds – mainly post-rock on the main disc and electronic on the bonus track. It opens with Do A Stunt, an energetic instrumental track with a heavier dose of electronic. But by the next track, Silent Times, it drops to become more symphonic with whispery vocals added for good measure. And the album progresses in this way with vocals in every few tracks interspersed through instrumentals, brighter tracks (Pachinko) and dreamy songs for colder days (Faster Daniel Faster).

And if that’s not enough, the 33:25 minute bonus track brings you through yet another epic journey, although I must caution that this would suit fans of electronica better.

While I’m new to WFANFC, the soaring choruses and light melodies made it easily likeable. That tracks like Buildings and The King and June may very well belong to alternative groups also made it accessible.  Recommended to fans of Bloc Party and fans of post-rock looking for that with something more.

(Eugenia Chuah)

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