CAPTAIN WILBERFORCE Everybody Loves a Villain (Self-released) 

No escapin’ technology! There was a time when bands and labels would be aghast at the thought of a new album being leaked on the internet. Now, the bands themselves are “leaking” the CD in advance before the official release – a new form of promotion – who would have believed that, a mere couple of years ago?!

Guess if it’s good enough for Radiohead, the Charlatans and the Crimea, why not Captain Wilberforce? The good Captain is actually Simon Bristoll, a talented multi-instrumentalist and pop songwriter, who has just leaked his sophomore album at the Leeds Music Forum.  

My 1st encounter of Captain W, came in the form of a downloadable song at his MySpace viz. Making Apple Juice From Oranges, which was simply one of the most gorgeous psychedelic songs I’ve heard in years.Making contact with Captain W, he was kind enough to send me his debut Mindfilming, a strong effort, which I enjoyed.

Everybody Loves A Villain, is in truth, a more rounded pure pop experience as Bristoll stretches his songwriting muscles to create a more complete album with a wide range of pop-rock styles to please any serious rock music enthusiast. It’s still grounded in the finest British pop influences e.g. the Beatles, the Who (by way of Guided By Voices), XTC, Barrett, Bowie, Costello, Hitchcock et al. The highlights come thick and fast. The jaunty title track, the dark folky The Longest Night, the tender The Girl Who Broke Her Own Heart, the sinewy yet breezy Get A Grip My Dear and the memorable The Twilight Kids.

All of which make Everybody Loves A Villain an easy second album with enough touching harmonies, pleasing chord changes, thought-provoking lyrics to satisfy even the most jaded pop listener.

Your choice – free download or CD purchase – make sure you decide to possess this essential recording.  

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