May 222010

If you’re sick to death of all the vampire-themed movies and TV series that seem all the rage now, then you might want to consider the slight twist that Daybreakers offers to this jaded genre. Basically, in Daybreakers, due to an infection most of mankind have beend turned into vamps and the human minority served as blood supplies. Naturally, this is a diminishing resource and the vamps are in a race against time to find a blood substitute. The consequence of not doing so – vamps devolve into primal bat-like creatures due to blood impoverishment.

Don’t get me wrong, at its core, Daybreakers is a good B-movie but a B-movie nonetheless. There are intriguing performances from Ethan Hawke, Sam Neill and Willem Dafoe although the plotline does lose steam towards the end. Inevitably, deux ex machinas rear ugly heads and the ending will leave you less than satisfied. That all said, the movie is a visual feast and gore-fans will enjoy the over-the-top fight scenes.

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