Who are Good Morning High Fives and how was it formed?

June Jumao-as (vocals), Joseph Wu (guitars), Marco de Vera (Guitars), Kevin Mayuga (bass) and Luis Gutierrez (Drums). We got together just to join the battle of the bands in school for fun. At first, we all hated each other’s guts but since we were in all the same classes, we were forced to get along and eventually, everything started working out after a few long hard months. Everything’s pretty awesome now.

Who are the influences for Good Morning High Fives?

It’s really a mix. Rage against the machine, The Roots, Motion City Soundtrack, Anberlin, As I Lay Dying, Paul Gilbert, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day.

What’s the dynamics of the band?

Marco and Joseph usually come up with guitar riffs… then afterwards, they’ll show it to the rest of the band. Then we all come up with the arrangement for the instrumentals. After all that’s done, June will come up with the melody and lyrics.

Why do you play music?

We all have a passion for music. We all enjoy playing and performing.

Good Morning High Fives has slowly built up a following within the music scene and is in the process of recording a debut album. How does it feel having people liking and relating to your music?

It’s nice to know that people can relate to our songs. It’s very flattering and makes the music more real.

What’s involved in the recording process for the album?

The instrument parts come first and then the lyrics and melody comes after. As for recording, it’s pretty much in the same order!

How does it feel having the chance to play overseas?

WE’RE PSYCHED! We’re excited to experience a new country and a new crowd.

Good Morning High Fives has played shows with many other bands in the within the OPM scene but has never played overseas. If you had a chance to collaborate with a band, locally or regionally, who would it be and why?

June – Milkriddles  (PHI) because I admire his insane creativity

Luis – Sleepwalk Circus (PHI) because their music kicks ass

Marco – Musical O because of the dynamics they use in their music. They give me a Musical O

Kevin – Steve Aoki (JAPAN) because I love tugs tugs (clubbing)!

Joseph – West Grand Boulevard (SINGAPORE) because they’re a hardworking band and it’d be nice to learn from them

What’s the future plans for Good Morning High Fives?

We have no idea, we’re just taking it one day at a time and hopefully we’ll continue to grow as musicians. But we’re really excited to be playing at *SCAPE for Weekend Trip, March 27th!

(Rebecca Lincoln)

Photo by Daren Girdner.




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