AU REVOIR SIMONE Still Night, Still Light (Label – US: Our Secret Record Company / UK: Moshi Moshi Records)

Let me start off by confessing that I’m a huge fan of synth-pop infused tracks. Its one of the many marks of growing up in the eighties I guess. A reason why I’m hooked on this album.

It’s delectable and delivers warm, powerful electronic melodies fused with ethereal female voices – soothingly. The best way to describe the emotions invoked is to allow you a glimpse of the images running through my mind as the album unfolded into a flurry of pop sweetness. Floating on clouds and breaking out into a ballet jump from one cloud to another with the track Only You Can Make You Happy. Other images emerging throughout the album ranged from a slide show of foggy castles with moats at breakneck speed to sinking languidly with arms outstretched into a pond of beautiful lilies with sunlight breaking through the water between the gigantic lily pads. Love it.

Three ladies with three keyboards, a drum machine and their ethereal melodic voices is what Au Revoir Simone is about. Formed in Brooklyn, New York in 2003 and having had considerable success with their first effort – Verses of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation (2005) and the critically acclaimed The Bird of Music (2007), the band have remained true to their originality and have not added anything unsavoury to their pot of electronic mastery. You might have heard their tracks on TV dramas such as Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, etc.

If you like your Kings of Convenience and Stereolab, with a touch of mellow, a hint of melancholy and a breath of fresh, clean air – these ladies will fix you up nicely.

Produced by Thom Monahan (Vetiver, Little Joy), and recorded in various studios between Brooklyn – New York and Los Angeles, Still Night, Still Light will be released on their own label – Our Secret Record Company on May 19th. Au Revoir Simone will be playing this year’s SXSW (South by SouthWest), with a Still Night, Still Light supporting tour throughout the States till end of June.

(Charlotte Lourdes)

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