Watchmen (Director’s Cut)

So, Zack Snyder’s adaptation of Alan Moore/Dave Gibbon’s “unfilmable” comic book masterpiece may not be perfect but I still believe that it’ll probably be the best adaptation we’ll ever get. This Director’s Cut adds about 24 minutes to the theatrical cut making it a whopping 3 hour feast and it’s definitely a better film for the additions.

Watching it all over again (with the new scenes) at one go was a thrilling experience and it is in the subtle expositions that the film really hits the spot. Most significantly, Dr Manhattan’s speech on Mars with Laurie about the miracle of human being really touched me. Strange as it may sound, I never really felt the impact of this moment until the movie – a tremendous achievement by Snyder.

Also, I have a greater respect and admiration for Malin Akerman’s portrayal of Laurie as her strength and tenderness shine through to elevate Silk Spectre beyond the token heroine in tights role. Greater scrutiny highlights the amazing work done by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (the Comedian) and Patrick Wilson (Nite Owl), fleshing out the comic book characters with aplomb.

Its no secret that I am a humongous fan of the Watchmen comic (which to me is the finest fiction of all time – trouncing any book or film) and whilst this adaptation is not the greatest movie of all time, it does the job to provide a visual interpretation this fascinating work of art.

That said, there are precious few extras on this two-disc special edition, just one paltry 30 minute documentary and the video journals, previously available online. And most annoying, the digital copy which – as a non resident of USA or Canada – I CANNOT download. Word is there will be a 5-disc Ultimate Edition in December, which I will most probably purchase as well. (I want a solid “making of” documentary!)

For the casual superhero movie/comics fan, this Director’s Cut will do nicely. For now.

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