Once in a while, I take a review request because the email sounds so sincere like -

“We were wondering if you could do us a small favor: My band Wasted 24/7 is about to release its debut EP, and we would like to have it reviewed by someone with experience. We really wanna make it in this business and if you could help us out with just a little of your time we would really appreciate it!”

And it’s an absolute bonus when the music turns out to be as fun and enjoyable as Belgian punk band Wasted 24/7‘s Nutmeg EP. I mean how do you argue with a song (“An Ode to the Female Breast”) that has “I like tits!” for a chorus? There’s a ragged charm in songs like “Bite Your Tongue” and “Summer Jam” that reminds me of classic 80s alternative rock outfits like Husker Du and The Replacements and hardcore punks like TSOL and The Descendants. Which is fine by me anytime.

It’s clear that underneath the puerile frat boy sensibilities, there are hard working musicians who take their music seriously and this is obvious from the care with which the band crafts songs like “Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush” and “You Suck And I Wanna Go Home” where there is a conscious effort to mix and match rhythms and styles to keep things interesting. Final song – “Rock & Roll Discount” has a glam rock sensibility - reminiscent of the New York Dolls and KISS – which more than justifies my assessment of where these guys are coming from, musically.

Check them out if you’re a fan of that harder-edge pop-rock stuff and who isn’t?

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  1. This is an awesome review for an awesome band. I love this band, and it’s not just because they’re my friends, I know how much work they put into their music each and every day, from hours of practicing new songs and more difficult vocals to figuring out some new original but still catchy riffs and solo’s.. Their music is their dream and passion, the more you get to know them, the more you notice it. Recently they released a first music video for the song “Summer jam”
    Watch it here on youtube in Full HD!!

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